Settlement Expense Loan Program

Settlement Expense Loan Program

The SELP Funds Down Payment & Closing Cost Assistance Program is designed for first time homebuyers needing assistance with down payment and closing costs associated with the purchase of a home in Harford County, MD. Preference is given to properties located within the Southern County Task Force Area (SCTFA). A lien will be recorded through a Deed of Trust.

Program terms:

  • Maximum Assistance is $20,000 (Properties within Southern County Task Force Area, see map below)
  • Maximum Assistance is $10,000 (Properties outside Southern County Task Force Area, see map below)
  • Maximum Household Income is 80% of County Area Median Income (See Chart Below)
  • Maximum Purchase Price is 95% of Area Median Income (See Chart Below)
  • Interest Rate is Zero Percent (0%)
  • Assistance is in the form of a Deferred Loan
  • Assistance to provide Down Payment/Closing Costs/Loan Reduction Monies
  • First Lien Must be LP Accept or DU Approve/Eligible
  • Minimum Cash Contribution from Borrower is 1% of Sales Price
  • Applicant(s) Must Complete FTHB Counseling
  • First Lien Must be 30 Year, Fixed Rate, Fully Amortizing
  • Cash To Pocket is Not Permitted
  • Applicant(s) Must be FTHB
  • Borrowers Must Occupy as Primary Residence
  • Property Must Be Located in Harford County, MD
  • Property Must Be Inspected by a Harford County Housing Inspector
  • A Monthly Cash Flow Analysis is Required
  • Property Must be 1-4 Unit SFD/Attached, Condo, Townhome, PUD, Manufactured

The SELP Pre-Qualification Form can be found here and can be sent back to

Southern County Taskforce Map