General Information

Registration information

Registration information may be obtained by contacting your local recreation office.

Youth sports registration times

  • Basketball, indoor soccer, and wrestling register in the fall
  • Baseball, softball, and lacrosse typically register in the winter
  • Field Hockey, football, soccer and volleyball typically register in the spring

Recreation councils

There are 20 recreation councils, composed of volunteers who join with the Department of Parks and Recreation in providing recreational programs, organizing special events, and proposing the acquisition of land and development of facilities. These volunteers meet on a regular basis and their meetings are open to the public. Call your local recreation office for additional information.


The facilities and services of Harford County are available to all without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, physical or mental disability.

Individuals with disabilities

Harford County Department of Parks and Recreation encourages involvement and participation by individuals with disabilities in all of our programs and services. Please let us know how we can reasonably meet your needs through accommodation and modification (i.e. sign language interpreters, adaptive equipment, general assistance). Contact the Therapeutic Recreation office at 410-638-4899 or  by email.


Individual accident insurance is not provided by Harford County nor the local recreation councils.

Program cancellations/insufficient enrollment

The Department of Parks and Recreation and its affiliated recreation councils reserve the right to cancel or reschedule any program because of insufficient enrollment or other causes which may affect the health, safety, or welfare of the program participants.

Parks office numbers

  • Aberdeen Activity Center: 410-638-4789
  •  Anita C. Leight Estuary Center: 410-612-1688
  •  Churchville Recreation Center: 410-638-3853
  • Churchville Level Road Building: 410-638-4345
  •  Eden Mill Nature Center and Historic Mill Museum: 410-836-3050
  •  Edgewood Recreation and Community Center: 410-612-1606
  •  Emmorton Recreation and Tennis Center: 410-638-3988
  •  Forest Hill/Hickory Activities Center: 410-638-3616
  • Havre de Grace Activity Center: 410-939-6724
  • Mariner Point Park: 410-612-1608
  •  Norrisville Library and Recreation Center: 410-692-7820
  • Recreation Division Office: 410-638-3572
  •  Swan Harbor Farm: 410-939-6767
  • Veronica Chenowith Activity Center: 410-638-3559
  • William N. McFaul Activities Center: 410-638-3528

New program ideas

To improve our programming, we need to know what type of classes, workshops, programs, or special events you desire. Anyone with suggestions for programs not being offered is asked to call their local recreation office. If an instructor can be found and enough people desire this program, we will do our best to provide it.  For more information, call 410-638-3572 or send an email.

Student positions

Field work/internship opportunities may be available for students majoring in leisure services. For more information, call 410-638-3572 or send an email.


Harford County Department of Parks and Recreation's park regulations allow, unless otherwise posted, pets in our parks provided they are not running at large or creating a nuisance. Owners are also responsible for cleaning up after their pets.

Bathroom facilities

Bathroom facilities are only open during program operation hours.

Service project - countywide

If you are interested in completing a service project for a school, church, or Scouting organization at a county Parks and Recreation site, please contact Bryce Jacobson at 410-638-3988.

Thanks for your support and dedication to Parks and Recreation!