Inclement Weather

Program cancellation procedure

Generally, the Harford County Department of Parks and Recreation will follow the below procedures for closure of facilities or cancellation of programs and activities during inclement weather conditions: 

  1. If Harford County Government opening is delayed, Parks and Recreation facilities will NOT open to the public until 30 minutes after the announced opening of County Government.  Parks and Recreation programs will NOT commence until 1 hour after the announced opening of County Government. 
  1. If County Government is closed, all Parks and Recreation facilities will be closed and all Parks and Recreation programs will be cancelled for the day. 
  1. Recreation Specialists are responsible for making sure their facility is manned and can be safely accessed by the public when the facility is open.  If there is concern that staffing is inadequate, the Director and/or Deputy Director should be promptly notified.  
  1. During Department business weekday hours, as well as weekends and holidays, the Director, in consultation with Maintenance and facility staff, may close facilities and cancel programs based upon specific site conditions or available staffing.  
  1. Outdoor facilities may be closed by the Director or the Director’s designee based on location conditions at any time. 

Programs utilizing Parks and Recreation facilities that are conducted by other agencies/organizations, e.g., Office on Aging, Harford County Public Library, Catholic Charities, Boys and Girls Club, the local Recreation Council, etc., will follow the inclement weather/closure policy set by those organizations assuming the facility in question is open pursuant to the above guidelines.



Recreation office phone numbers

  • Aberdeen Activity Center:  410-638-4789
  • Anita C. Leight Estuary Center: 410-612-1688
  • Chenowith Activity Center:  410-638-3559
  • Churchville Recreation Center-Glenville Building: 410-638-3853
  • Churchville Recreation Center - Level Building:  410-638-4345
  • Eden Mill Nature Center and Historic Mill Museum: 410-836-3050
  • Edgewood Recreation and Community Center: 410-612-1606
  • Emmorton Recreation and Tennis Center: 410-638-3988
  • Forest Hill/Hickory Activities Center: 410-638-3616
  • Havre de Grace Activity Center: 410-939-6724
  • Mariner Point Park: 410-612-1608
  • William N. McFaul Activities Center: 410-638-3528
  • Norrisville Library and Recreation Center: 410-692-7820
  • Recreation Division Office: 410-638-3572
  • Swan Harbor Farm: 410-939-6767