Construction FAQ

1. When will construction start?

Construction will start in Summer 2021. The contractor is Meadville. 

2. How long will construction take?

Construction is expected to be finished in Spring 2022. Construction is completed from upstream to downstream. As the contractor moves downstream, the areas are stabilized, and equipment is moved downstream. 

Landscaping will follow construction and it is anticipated to take place in Spring 2022.

3. Will the Ma & Pa Trail be closed during construction?

The Ma & Pa trail will remain open during the duration of the project. Sections of the trail may be closed at times for construction. Advanced notice will be given.  

4. Can the contractor excavate directly in the stream?

No, the contractor must use a pump and pipe to direct the stream around the active construction area.  Pumps are used only during working hours.  At the end of each workday, the contractor must stabilize the construction area and return the stream to flow naturally. Summer months produce the lowest flow within the streams.  Therefore, it is possible that pumps will only run intermittently during the workday.

5. How is the active construction area flagged?

An orange safety fence will be installed along the limit of disturbance boundary.  The orange safety fence is a visual barrier but can easily be crossed.  It should not be considered a barrier to keep someone from entering the construction site.  At no time, should anyone enter the construction site during active construction and are strongly advised against entering the site after-hours.