Bureau of Engineering


The Bureau of Engineering, a division within the Department of Public Works, is responsible for providing engineering design and technical support for roadway and bridge projects throughout Harford County.
Tollgate MacPhailmini roundabout
In addition, the Bureau of Engineering provides the review/design and subsequent approval of subdivision/related roadways, traffic analysis, including but not limited to:
  • Bridge facilities
  • Future roads
  • Intersection improvements
  • Speed studies
  • Storm drains
  • Traffic calming measures, which when completed, become part of the Harford County infrastructure


The following programs comprise the Bureau of Engineering:
  • Bonding and Permits Administration
  • Bridges
  • GIS and records management
  • Road resurfacing program
  • Roads
  • Subdivision, road and storm drain review and approval process
  • Surveys
  • Traffic

Goals of the bureau

  • Maintain the condition, efficiency and safety of Harford County’s roadway network
  • Providing safe and well-maintained bridges