Road Signs

Quick road sign facts

State Highway

  • Roads with route numbers are owned and maintained by the Maryland State Highway Administration. 
  • Odd numbered highways run north and south.
  • Even numbered highways run east and west.

Interstate system

On the interstate system, any three-digit number beginning with an even number, like I-495 and I-695, will travel in a circle around a metropolitan area and return to the main thoroughfare.

Road lines

  • Yellow road lines are always on your left when driving; they are used to separate traffic.
  • Solid white edge lines mark the pavement to the right - "Keep White on Right."

Sign colors

  • Construction and maintenance signs are orange and black.
  • Guide signs are green and white.
  • Informational signs are blue and white.
  • Regulatory signs are red and white or black and white.
  • Warning signs are yellow and black.