Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Design FAQ
  2. Easements FAQ
  3. Construction FAQ

1.  Will crews need to use motorized vehicles to collect field data?

No, crews will not need motorized vehicles to collect field data.  They will be walking by foot in groups of 2 or 3.  Different crews will visit the site at different times depending on their area of expertise including tree identification, wetland identification, stream characteristics, and topographic survey. 

2.  Are the flagged trees proposed to be cut down?

No.  Trees are flagged by the field crews as an indication to the surveyors to map the tree location.  All trees with a circumference greater than 8" are mapped.  Mapping the tree locations allows the engineer to develop a design and construction access that minimizes impacts to larger healthier trees.  Trees proposed to be cut down will be clearly shown on the design plans.  

3.  What permits are necessary for this type of project?

  • Harford County Grading Permit
  • Harford County Stormwater Management Waiver
  • Maryland Department of Environment Wetlands and Waterways Permit
  • Maryland Department of Environment General Permit for Stormwater Associated with Construction Activity
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Permit Authorization

4.  Will the design be available for review?

Yes, the design will be available for review, digitally on this webpage or printed copies will be available in our offices at 212 South Bond Street.  Each submittal from the design engineer will be available for review.  Property owners will be notified by email, phone, or mail when the plans are available.