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Watervale Creek Restoration Project 

Expected construction start Winter 2023

Harford County is currently preparing a design for stream restoration at this location.  The purpose of the project is to improve stream health by stabilizing eroding stream banks and increasing tree buffers along the stream.

Pre-construction pictures (2016) 

Concept Design (added 6/17/2019) 

Watervale Creek 30-CONCEPT

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ) - Design 

1.  When will crews begin collecting field data?

November 2018

2.  Will crews need to use motorized vehicles to collect field data?

No, crews will not need motorized vehicles to collect field data.  They will be walking by foot in groups of 2 or 3.  Different crews will visit the site at different times depending on their area of expertise including tree identification, wetland identification, and stream characteristics.  Survey crews will also be conducting a survey.

3. How long will it take to update the design and permits?

The design and permits should be completed in approximately one year, or November 2019.

4.  Will the design be available for review?

Yes, the design will be available for review, digitally on this webpage or printed copies will be available in our offices at 212 South Bond Street.  Each submittal from the design engineer will be available for review.  Property owners will be notified by email, phone, or mail when the plans are available. 

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ) - Easements

1.  Can the County construct this project on my property without my permission? (added 11/19/2019)

No, the County needs easements from each property owner where construction and construction access is proposed.  Stream restoration projects are voluntary and property owners are not obligated to provide easements.

2. When will the easement documents be available for property owners to review?

Easements are based on the areas delineated in the design for construction and construction access.  These areas are typically finalized when the design is approximately 75% complete.  At that time property plats will be developed which show the limits of the proposed easements.

3. Will the easements be permanent? (updated 11/19/2019)

For current projects, the County will allow the property owner to decide if they prefer a permanent or revertible easement.  All new projects will require permanent easements.  

4. What is a revertible easement? (added 11/19/2019)

After 10 years, the revertible easement is no longer valid and the property within the easement reverts back to the owner without restriction.

5.  Why has the County decided to require permanent easements for stream restoration projects? (added 11/19/2019)

The County is required by Maryland Department of Environment to ensure restoration projects continue to function properly and improve stream health.  Permanent easements allow access for the County to complete inspections and any necessary repairs.  The permanent easements also provide reassurance to the property owners that the restoration project will be maintained as it was designed. 

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ) - Construction 

1. What time of year can construction take place?

Construction can take place between June 1 and February 28.  The timing for construction will be based on the stream designation assigned by Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR).  This project is located in the Winters Run watershed which is a designated trout stream (stocked) and public water supply with in-stream construction restrictions from March 1 through May 31. 

2. When will construction start?  

Construction can as soon as all the permits and easements are approved.  This project has been awarded as a design - build, which means that the contractor is responsible for preparing the design, applying for the permits, and completing the construction.

3. How long will it take to complete construction?

Approximately 6 months.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ) - Funding

1. Is there funding in place to pay for construction?

Yes, existing funds are available.