Board of Electrical Examiners


  • James W. Wright
    Term expires: December 7, 2026

Citizen representative

  • William C. Smith
    Term expires: December 7, 2026

Master Electrician

  • Thomas R. Awalt
    Term expires: December 7, 2026
  • Thomas V. Merkey
    Term expires: December 7, 2026
  • James Swam
    Term expires: December 7, 2026


The Board of Electrical Examiners, created by Harford County Code, Article II, Section 105-4, shall consist of five (5) persons for the purpose of examining, regulating, and monitoring all persons who are engaged or desire to engage in the business of master, limited, restricted, or limited journeyperson electricians. The Board shall be appointed by the County Executive, subject to confirmation by the County Council. The Board shall consist of three (3) master electricians, actually working as such, who are residents of the County and whose principal place of business is located in the County; an architect or an engineer who is a resident of the County and who is a professional duly registered and licensed in accordance with the requirements of the state; and 1 citizen who is a resident of the County.  The members of the Board shall be appointed for terms coterminous with those of the County Executive, and any member may succeed himself in office. Each member shall serve until a successor is appointed and qualified. In case of vacancies, the County Executive shall make appointments for the remainder of the unexpired term. The Board shall elect its own Chair, Vice Chair, and any other officers. The Vice Chair shall, in the absence of the Chair, assume all the duties and responsibilities of the Chair. 

The Chief Electrical Inspector will act as a liaison between the Department of Inspections, Licenses and Permits and the Board.

The Board shall advise the Director on the issuance of registrations for master, limited, restricted, and limited journeyperson electricians and when applicable shall ascertain by appropriate examination the qualifications and capabilities of all persons who request registrations. In the case of examination for limited registrations, the Board has the authority to consult or obtain the services of a recognized expert in the field to conduct the examination.

For additional information with regard to the Board of Electrical Examiners and Registration information please refer to the Harford County Code Part II, General Legislation, Chapter 105 Electricity, by clicking the following link:

Milford L. Badders, Chief, Electrical Services Division
Phone:  (410) 638-3363 extension 1414

Gina R. Goetzke, Secretary to the Board
Phone: (410) 638-3424 extension 1357